This robust cream is suitable for skin complaints as it can help the skin to reduce dryness. It contains liposomes which allow the active ingredients to reach deeper into the cells and metabolise at a slower rate. This means that the effects are longer lasting and more substantial than other similar creams.


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Eczema is a condition that effects a lot of children but also can be seen in adults. It can be a painful condition as skin is dry and itchy and can flake off leaving red and sore patches. The skin can bleed through consistent scratching and then may even scar in places. It can be annoying for sufferers as they constantly find themselves itching and scratching and then they can make areas of skin feel raw and sore afterwards. It is often found on elbows and knees but it is possible for it to occur anywhere on the body. The condition is often difficult to treat as in many cases sufferers do not find that creams are that effective or that they do not work for that long. The condition can also sometimes flare up and get worse for no apparent reason and this can be very irritating. This means that many people are looking for alternative solution to help their conditions.

The condition is different to psoriasis, which also causes dry flaky skin as it is usually caused by irritant such as dust, detergents, or food allergies, which means that it is classes as an autoimmune disease as well as an inflammatory condition.

The cream contains a selection of ingredients, the main ingredient is colloidal oatmeal which coats the skin with a soothing layer and this allows it to calm down and feel less irritated. This may lead to a reduction in scratching which will make the condition more bearable and should lead to less broken skin as well. It also has extract of cannabidiol from cannabis sativa. This is thought to protect the skin from some of the triggers of the condition and this could prevent and reduce the severity of breakouts. The cream also contains liposomes which allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin and therefore treating more than just the surface layer. This is different to many other products.

The cream is very easy to use. It just needs to be applied thinly to the affected areas 2-3 times a day. It is important though to avoid injured skin and skin around the eyes. Side effects are rare but if you do experience signs of allergy such as redness, rash or burning skin then consult your GP and stop using the cream. Some of the ingredients are potential allergens and you should not use if you are allergic to grasses. The product also contains soy and gluten and so if you are allergic to either of these, you should consult your GP before you use it.

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