This Soridol cream helps to coat the skin to soothe and calm it down. The colloidal oatmeal in it helps to support the skin and the polysaccharides can reduce irritation. The CBD in the cream may help to relieve some symptoms of dry skin.


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Psoriasis is an irritating skin condition which causes the skin to itch, feel sore and look scaly. It is an autoimmune disease and therefore it is difficult to find the cause of it and that is why treatments tend to deal with the symptoms rather than treating the cause of the condition. Possible causes have been linked to genetics, liver and kidney infections, environmental and emotional stress and other things as well. This means that it can be really difficult to treat and therefore those with symptoms often look for alternatives to what their doctor can prescribe them.

This particular product has extracts of cannabis satvia which has cannabidiol in it. Adding this in allows the cream to penetrate deeper into the skin rather than just stay on the surface. It also keeps the skin moist which stops it drying out so much and protects it. There are also antioxidants and vitamins to nourish the skin. The product is able to get below the flaky dry layers of skin and penetrate further to greater effect due to having liposomes in it. These help ingredients to transfer further.

It is easy to use the cream, just put on a thin layer to the affected areas and you can reapply 2-3 times a day, although you do need to avoid using on broken or injured skin. It can also be beneficial to remove flakes of skin form the surface before putting on the cream. You just need to wait a few minutes for it to absorb into the skin. Be very careful not to get any into your eyes, so wash your hands after use. Side effects are unlikely but if you get a skin reaction such as burning, rash or redness stop using the product and speak to your GP about it. It is also important to read the ingredients and not to use if you know that you are allergic to any of them. If you have a grass allergy then you should not use the product. It also contains soy and gluten so if you have an intolerance to either of these then consult your GP before you use the product just in case you are likely to react badly to them.

Our raw materials and clean extraction methods set us apart from other CBD manufacturers and that is why it is worth trying our products and comparing them to others.

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