Liposomal Multi Vitamin with CBD

It is very important for us to all replenish our vitamin supplies regularly as our body cannot produce them itself. Liposomal Multi Vitamin with CBD contains a blend of 17 different vitamins and supplements. Same day shipping available.


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Product Description


The word vitamin is a combination of the words vital and amine, meaning that they are vital for human life and made from amino acids. The body does not make them on its own and so we need to make sure that we have sources of them in order to thrive.

These multivitamins also contain liposomes which are a way to safely deliver drugs to the body. They allow the drugs to be taken in a liquid form which allows them to be taken up by the cells in the body but protect against digestive enzymes which could potentially destroy them before they get absorbed.

Each serving of the multivitamin contains the following:

  • 3mg CBD Oil
  • 0.7mg vitamin B1
  • 0.75mg vitamin B2
  • 8.5mg vitamin B3
  • 3mg vitamin B5
  • 0.75mg vitamin B6
  • 7.5mcg vitamin B12
  • 6mg choline bitartrate
  • 2.5mg inositol
  • 250mcg biotin
  • 200mcg methylfolate
  • 1.25mg PABA
  • 250mg vitamin C
  • 7.5mcg vitamin K2
  • 5mcg vitamin D3
  • 200mcg vitamin A
  • 3mg vitamin E
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