Liposomal CBD Oil 4%

Hemp oil liposomes help you to reap the numerous benefits that cannabinoids have to offer. The formula of this product is uniquely potent and fast acting. Available with same day shipping.


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The 4% CBD concentration of this product is equal to 20% regular CBD oil. Its formula includes liposomes and a small amount of alcohol. The liposomes carry the CBD to your bloodstream so that it can start working faster than you ever thought possible. There is no question that this product is more potent than most other oils on the market.

This CBD oil’s organic formula makes it a safe and natural alternative to other products that come with a number of potentially dangerous side-effects. The ingredients used in this product include Ethanol, Glycerol, Sodium Chloride, Water, Lecithin, Natrium Oleaat, CBD, and D-alpha Tocopherol. It is not recommended that anyone with soy or alcohol intolerance uses this product.

All you have to do is take 3 to 4 drops of this oil three times every day. There are 10 millilitres in each bottle, and a total of over 200 drops. There is a total of 400 milligrams of CBD, which is a much higher amount than other oil products.

The 10% alcohol that is included in this product’s formula is crucial because of its ability to amplify the overall effectiveness of the CBD and liposomes. It starts working fast and lasts significantly longer than other products you will find online or in stores.

Those who are currently taking 2.5% Liposomal CBD oil and want to make a change should seriously consider purchasing this product. It is 100% pure due to the extensive filtration and quality control process. Every bottle of this oil is carefully inspected and scrutinised through scientific means to guarantee a high level of purity and potency.

This oil has a smooth consistency that makes it easy to swallow on a daily basis. It can be ingested with a few drops placed on or under the tongue with an eyedropper. You may also choose to put this oil in your food when cooking. This is a good way to reap the benefits this oil offers while enjoying a delicious meal. Many people have been cooking with oils like this one for a long time, and it is one option to consider.

You can trust that there are absolutely no GMOs, gluten or adulterants that could adversely affect the purity of this product. The fact that it is so natural yet powerful is one of the reasons that it’s regarded as being so innovative and unique.

The perfect blend of CBD and liposomes in this product makes it particularly effective and a good overall choice for most people. Keeping it in a dark, cool and dry place will preserve its potency for up to two months.

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