Liposomal CBD Oil 2.5%

The formula of our Liposomal CBD 2.5% offers more potency, which means that it acts quickly so you get results sooner rather than later. It is manufactured with sophisticated equipment in a laboratory setting to ensure the highest possible quality. This health supplement is completely unique and can benefit just about anyone.


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This product’s liposomal properties maximise the effectiveness of this CBD oil. The ingredients in this product include Lecithin, Glycerol, Sodium Chloride, Natrium Oleaat, CBD, Ethanol, Water, and D-alpha Tocopherol. The very small quantity of ethanol helps this product work its way into your body very efficiently. In fact, it is said to be 4x more effective than regular CBD oil because of the alcohol that is in it.

While the 2.5% Liposomal concentration of this oil may seem low, it is just the right amount when you consider all of the other ingredients it is blended with. It is ultimately equivalent to the 10% CBD Oil that we also offer. This is precisely why it is preferred by the vast majority of people.

You will get 10 millilitres of this oil in each bottle, which translates into 250 milligrams of CBD. There are over 200 drops, so you won’t have to purchase a replacement for a while. It is important to keep in mind that this product does contain soy, which some people are allergic to. If you have a soy allergy, this product is not right for you. The inclusion of alcohol means that it is also not a good choice for women who are pregnant or nursing.
Taking just 3 or 4 drops of our 2.5% Liposomal CBD oil three times each day is enough. This product is formulated to work as effectively and quickly as possible. The liposomes that are used in this product were specifically developed for this purpose.

The all-natural formula that this product uses makes it a safe choice for most people. There are no documented side-effects associated with Liposomal CBD oil. This means that you get all of the benefits with no potential health risks.

This oil has a unique composition which means that it can only be stored for a couple of months before it begins losing its effectiveness. Keeping this product in a dry and dark place will allow you to get the most from it.

The dropper bottle of this product makes ingesting it very easy. A simple eyedropper will allow you to extract the liquid from the bottle and into your mouth. For the best results, keep the oil on your tongue for a full minute prior to swallowing.

Our Liposomal CBD oil goes through a commercial-grade filtration process before it is bottled and sold. This process guarantees that it is completely pure, safe and effective. You will be hard-pressed to find another product that works quite as well as this one does. It has one of the most potent and natural formulas on the market today.

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