CBD Softgel capsules 10%

These CBD softgel capsules will provide you with a convenient and effective way to get your daily dose of Cannabidiol. You will receive a total of 60 capsules in one bottle with a dosage of 16 milligrams each. The 10% concentration of these capsules is perfect for those who want a higher amount.


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If you want an easy way to get just the right amount of CBD each day, you will find that these softgel capsules are perfect. You can take each capsule quickly no matter where you are. The bottle is small enough to take with you when you are away from home.

Each softgel capsule has a 10% concentration of Cannabidiol for maximum potency and effectiveness. There is 16 milligrams per capsule for a total of 960 milligrams per bottle. You can choose to take them with or without a drink, depending on your own preference.

Our CBD softgel capsules come from European hemp that is grown carefully and ethically with the highest standards in mind. This product is thoroughly tested and reviewed so that you get exactly what you pay for. The primary ingredients include CBD, glycerine, water, terpenes and olive oil. They are designed to go down smoothly so that you won’t have any issues with swallowing.

The 100% safe design of these CBD softgel capsules mean that there are no potential health risks or side-effects to deal with. They are made from completely natural sources and methods. You will always get the same exact amount of CBD with every single capsule. This eliminates the need to keep track of and measure dosages, which can quickly become frustrating.

You can find all of the usage instructions for this product on the label. It is best to take one capsule three times every single day. Taking more than the recommended dosage could result in unwanted effects, so it is essential to follow these instructions closely.

Those who are currently taking CBD softgel capsules with a 4% concentration might find that these 10% capsules can possibly offer better results. It is a higher dosage that is ideal for people who have already taken CBD on a consistent basis.

We only offer the purest and strongest CBD products, including these softgel capsules. They are completely safe for those who are on a vegetarian diet and do not include any GMOs or gluten. The extra-virgin olive oil base of this product makes it go down easier and work more effectively.

The formula of these capsules has a cannabinoid base, which is both natural and totally safe with no documented side-effects. Each capsule is designed to dissolve shortly after being swallowed so that it gets into the bloodstream quickly. It is the fast-acting nature of these capsules that makes them work so well for many people.

CBD softgel capsules are definitely the simplest and most convenient delivery option for ingesting Cannabidiol. The high concentration and powerful natural formula offer the best choice on the market for this type of health product.

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