CBD Oil for Dogs 4%

We all really care about our pets and so want to give them the best things that we can to keep them happy. If your dog is sensitive then this CBD oil could be what you have been looking for. It will help to soothe them but also has added nutrients which could help them to perform well as well.


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All dog owners would like to give their pets things that will help them to be healthy for as long as possible. This oil combines a selection of ingredients together to help your dog be the healthiest that it can. It has CBD with fish oil, protein, fibre and vitamin E, a selection which should help your dog to flourish as they all effect systems in the body which can lead to them being healthier.

The CBD works in a similar way to how it works with humans. This is because dogs also have an endocannabinoid system which helps then to function and has effects on many of the body’s systems. This system is enhanced with the oil and helps them to function even better. The oil has a more potent dose than our pastilles but is still non-psychoactive. Together with the other nutrients in the oil it will really help to give your pet a boost.

Pets can be sensitive and so like with humans it is important to tailor their supplements depending on what works well for them. The 4% CBD oil is something which can potentially work well on all ages of dog and all breeds but you will need to change the dose depending on the size of your animal. This means that you can use just the one product to treat them all, which makes it really easy if you have more than one dog that are different breeds. It is also easy to administer. You just need to give them a few drops a day depending on their size. A puppy would need 1-2 drops 1 or 2 times a day whereas as they grow they will need more. It is recommended that an adult dog takes a dose 2-3 times a day and have 2-3 drops per 10kg. It sounds rather complicated but once you have worked it out you will just be able to give them the same amount each day.

It can be good to have a go at giving this to your pet and see whether you notice any difference. They may get a lot of nutrients from their food, but if they do not eat much, are fussy or you use a cheaper brand then you might feel that supplementation would be wise. You may also not be sure exactly what they are getting form their food and whether it is enough for them. The addition of CBD also adds an extra factor which they will not get from food and could potentially make a big difference to them. It is therefore worth having a go and seeing whether they get on well with the oil and if it seems to make a difference to them.

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