CBD Hempseed Oil 5%

This CBD hempseed oil is derived from the very best quality hemp seeds and extract. It offers all of the benefits that hemp seeds do but in convenient liquid form. This oil is certainly worth taking a close look at.


Product Description


The 5% concentration of hempseed extract in this CBD oil makes it a potent and fast-acting supplement. It is well-suited to people of all different lifestyles and diets.

There are a number of powerful compounds found in hemp seeds, including omega-3, omega-6 and plant-based protein. When mixed with CBD, this oil becomes a great all-in-one product.

We have the highest standards when it comes to the quality of the products we produce, including each bottle of this hempseed oil. It is manufactured in a sophisticated laboratory setting with the latest equipment and most qualified workers to ensure a quality product. Even the extraction process is performed with a great deal of care so that the oil remains potent.

There is a very thorough and rigorous quality control process that every single bottle of this oil goes through before it is shipped out to our customers. This process analyzes the purity of the product so that it never falls below our own extremely high standards.

The process that this oil goes through in the manufacturing phase guarantees that this extract doesn’t have any inactive plant biomaterials. It is designed to keep its liquid form to ensure that it’s easy to swallow. This hempseed extract CBD oil doesn’t have any psychoactive properties whatsoever, so there are never any unwanted effects.

You can always be sure that this oil is free of artificial ingredients, harmful chemicals, gluten, GMOs, and adulterants of all kinds. It always goes through an elaborate filtration process to get rid of any impurities that could make this product any less effective.

The natural formula of our 5% CBD hempseed oil eliminates the possibility of adverse side-effects. You can take this oil on a regular basis without having to worry about the possibility of any health risks. Each bottle offers 500 milligrams of CBD, which is ideal for those who have taken it before as well as inexperienced users.

This product’s dropper bottle design makes using it as easily as possible. All you need is an eyedropper to put some of the oil on your tongue. It is easy to swallow and doesn’t have an abrasive or unpleasant taste at all. You also have the option of putting a few drops in some water or another liquid of your choosing.

The ingredients in this product include hemp seed oil, CBD and terpenes. It has a very simple yet effective formula that is 100% natural, making it a viable option for virtually everyone. It will last the longest when stored somewhere that is isolated from moisture and sunlight. When this oil is kept at the right temperature, it can last for up to six months.

This hemp seed oil can be put in your food and even various cosmetic products to enjoy its full benefits. Many people use it when cooking and baking.

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