This new formula Aczedol CBD cream is often used by people with acne. The cream may remove the itch and burning sensation which can be associated with acne and the CBD in it will allow the cream to be absorbed deep into the skin where it can work more effectively.


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This CBD salve has a unique formulation which allows it to work a bit differently to other similar products. This means that even if you have tried lots of different creams, this one might give you a better effect so could be worth a try. It mainly contains colloidal oatmeal which may protect irritated skin with a layer that supports it. It also has cannabidiol in it from the cannabis satvia plant. However, it is the way that the cream is formulated that makes it stand out from other similar products. The cream contains an ingredient which allows these active ingredients to go deep into the skin where they need it most. This should allow them to have a much more positive effect compared with creams where the active ingredients are just left on the surface of the skin. Most creams will just affect the top few layers of skin and so this one, that goes deeper, works in a different way and therefore could be more effective for you.

The cream is very easy to apply, with just a thin layer being spread on the problem areas 2-3 times a day. Although it should not be used on recently injured skin and needs to be kept away from the under eye skin and the eyes themselves as this could cause irritation. It is therefore wise to wash hands after use to avoid accidental transfer to sensitive areas.

The cream is specifically formulated so that the active ingredients pass deep into the skin. Often creams can only get to the first few layers of skin but this product contains liposomes which help the process. They have been found to allow four times more of the active ingredient to pass from a cream into the skin compared with creams without liposomes in them. This means that a cream of lower potency can be used as more of the ingredients will get to where they are needed compared with higher potency creams where the active ingredients just stay on the surface of the skin and do not properly absorb into it.

Although there are no side effects, it is important to look out for redness, rash or burning skin as this could indicate an allergy and in the rare possibility that this does happen it is important to consult your GP. The cream also contains potential allergens in the form of soy and gluten, so if you are sensitive to these then check with your GP before using the product and those that have an allergy to grasses should also avoid using it or check with their GP before use.

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