Like all technology, a problem arises if the reader stops working. This will either lock the door entirely to everyone or have the door unlocked for everyone; either way, it’s no good for your business.

Although access cards can fit neatly into wallets, if they are dropped anywhere, it would be harder to notice or hear if unlike the rattle of keys, leaving staff without access to the office.

Also if this was picked up by someone and if it had the company name, an unauthorised person would have the means to enter the building.

Access cards are made to be durable but are ultimately plastic and more prone to breaking or snapping than keys.

Access cards can be easily hacked for people to create access cards for themselves.

Having access cards in close proximity to debit or credit cards in your wallet can potentially affect the access data held by the card and cause it to stop working.

Make Sure You Have a Certified Installer

When it comes to introducing access control systems to your office, you’ll need to make sure the company overseeing the process are reliable, have previous work to show you and are well-reviewed.

There can be a number of problems with access cards when installed correctly. When getting in touch with an installer, ask these types of questions that you may have.

An access card system is a fantastic way to boost security protection for your workplace, office or commercial property. However, it can be an easily flawed, difficult system when not installed and managed correctly.