The Annapurna Circuit – rightly known as Nepal’s classic trek – offers more variety than any other equivalent length trek, taking us through virtually every type of scenery that Nepal has to offer.

There are superb views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri and an amazing variety of landscapes ranging from sub-tropical through alpine peaks to an arid semi-desert akin to Tibet.

The climax of the trek is crossing the iconic Thorong La Pass (5416m). Based in teahouses throughout, we also get to spend time in villages inhabited by many of Nepal’s different peoples, both Buddhist and Hindu.

The Annapurna Circuit is so renowned that it’s almost become a cliché for people to choose it as their favourite trek.

The 128-mile horseshoe-shaped journey circles Nepal’s Annapurna range, and it’s been called the holy grail of trekking since its doors were opened to foreigners in the early eighties. Travel writers and trekkers everywhere wax lyrically about the trail.

There are walks that are more rugged or in more remote locations, homes that are more luxurious, pilgrimage sites that are more sacred, wildlife that’s more tropical, and even scenery that’s more stunning. So is it possible that another trail can swipe the crown from Annapurna’s rocky head?

Probably not. The Annapurna Circuit is one of the world’s most loved treks. It’ll bring you from hot lowland foothills, crop fields and bamboo forests up through scenery which rises above the level of trees and into a high-up desert.

This is one of the great adventures on Nepal’s very best trekking circuit! You will also pass many people who live in the area en route, providing a range of changing faces. All this contributes to the pleasure of this wonderful trek. This trip is much-loved with people travelling alone and groups alike.

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